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Window Estimator is as it sounds, a Window Estimating software program (figures costs). Window Estimator is a 100 % complete Window estimating software program (Window bids made easy) that allows you to figure a fast, easy and accurate Window estimate on the fly. Enter your Window measurements, choose your materials and watch Window estimator figure your estimate.

When we say a 100% complete window estimate this is exactly what we mean. Window Estimator provides a complete material orders list form (you print and use for ordering materials) a labor form, contract/proposal form (send to clients with your company's logo and letter head) Stamped Window form, Setting Forms form, Estimate / take-off sheets and Letters.


Window estimator is designed for window contractors that need an estimating tool that will figure estimates for new construction and re-models, (patios/driveways/slabs etc), any possible variable that needs to be figured in the Window estimate is provided in Window estimator.


Window estimator is so simple to use: re-modelers, handy men, construction contractors, property owners, Investors / any one who needs to figure costs and materials for a window job, can use window estimator.

Easy!!! You simply enter your area's measurements and choose your materials and Window estimator figures the window estimate, it is so easy to use any one can use it.  If you can click a mouse you can Install and use

Window Estimator.



Estimates are automatically saved, you will never need to click the save button. All customers / estimates are easy to look up, either by the client, owner or address. Keeping track of customers could never be any easier.

Easy to install you simply down load the self extracting .exe file called WindowEstimator.exe and double click it, follow the easy to understand install prompts, if you wish you can just click ok to all the default prompts and watch it install, after it has finished installing, it will place a shortcut on your desktop, that you click to start Window Estimator. If you can click a mouse you can Install and use Window Estimator.

Window Estimator is solely dedicated to providing Window contractors, with an estimating tool that will make giving Window estimates a fast, easy and no hassle job, giving you the confidence knowing that each Window estimate you provide to your customers is accurate and precise with out missing any details, that can come back to haunt you, like the old saying goes the devil is in the details. We at Window estimator have over 25 years in the industry and have personally given thousands of estimates, we have carefully used all this experience and knowledge to make window estimator the most detailed, 100 % complete, easiest and fastest window estimating software available. We guarantee you will look forward to giving Window estimates, knowing that finally there is a window estimating tool that's is designed solely for us window contractors. But as mentioned above can be used by any one who needs to figure costs and materials for a paint job, can use window estimator.

Our goal is to make Window Estimator fit the needs of today's window contractors.



Adding Windows

How to install windows.



Cost to Replace Windows

How much does it cost to replace your windows.


Window Types

Different window types.



Choosing Windows

Choosing the correct windows.




Retractable Pencils

Holds Carpenter's Pencils

Crayons, Pens, & Markers













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